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Have a project that has a defined set of requirements already?

For applications that require a more traditional software development methodology, Uniplus utilizes our many years of successful experience in applying Waterfall methodologies to provide you a structured approach for the analysis, design, implementation, verification, and maintenance for your applications.

Our development teams work very close with you to put a strong emphasis on documentation, such as requirements specification, design deliverables, construction and implementation plans, testing cases, and installation strategies, in order to mitigate the risk of design defects that contribute to delays in deploying complex projects into production.

Our software development projects using waterfall methodologies have resulted in:

  • Accurate requirements analysis stage that identifies all stakeholder’s expectations, including business needs, opportunities, defined potential risks, and mitigation plans (intelligence assessment).
  • Successful completion of the design and construction of hardware and software architecture including: components, modules, interfaces, data, performance, and security parameters defined in the analysis stage.
  • A precise process that provides our independent quality assurance team the capability to test new and existing components for evaluating the correct functionality of the final products
  • Successful implementation of our final products in production, performing lessons learned sessions, and reviewing your satisfaction survey.