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Version Control

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Have you ever sent out the wrong version of a document?  It is very easy to do and can be very embarrassing.  With software, the same can easily happen, but the results can be devastating.  At best, it can be promised functionality not delivered.  At worst, it can be non-functioning product or reintroduction of previously fixed problems.

Our solution is rigorous control of versions by our configuration management professionals.  We provide a process, typically based on a configuration management tool, which identifies each version of your software with the reason for its creation, and it current development or testing phase.  We can immediately identify which version of software is deployed in your various environments, and provide new copies of each version for deployment as required.

We implement safeguards to prevent unauthorized updates to the official versions of your software, facilitating processes that prevent the introduction of malignant code.   We prevent the reintroduction of previously fixed problems into your systems and guarantee that only fully tested code gets deployed in your production environment.

Our configuration management professionals:

  • Prevent unauthorized changes to your code
  • Manage parallel development by multiple teams working on the same product
  • Provide sophisticated merge and difference capabilities enabling thorough auditing of changes and detection of conflicts

Our techniques include:

  • Control of access or update to code which has passed certain checkpoints
  • Linking of versions to the change requests that authorized them
  • Promotion of code from one phase to another based on formal checkpoints and sign-offs