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Usability Testing

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In today’s environment, a poor user experience with an application can be devastating on your organization.

At Uniplus, we understand a good tool becomes an extension of the end user. The tool must be intuitive and efficient. Our usability testing identifies characteristics of the tool that cause hesitation and frustration on the part of your users. We evaluate products on multiple dimensions of user reaction to deliver products to you that “fit like a glove”.

Uniplus uses a “one-on-one” approach to usability testing. We pair a typical user with a test specialist, and observe the user navigate all features of the tool. Our test specialists are trained to recognize your signs of frustration and other emotional reactions to the product, as well as any redundant system fields and actions. We capture information both during the test and in a debriefing with you immediately following the observation session.

Our Usability Testing projects evaluate applications for:

  • Correctness and accuracy
  • Ease with which you become accustomed to the system and your efficiency for achieving the task
  • Emotional response of the user to each aspect of the application
  • Language used by the user compared to the language used in the application

You benefit from our Usability Testing with our special techniques that:

  • Select users who are representative of the average user
  • Evaluate both initial learning curve and experienced user reactions
  • Identify aspects of the product more likely to cause errors or confusion on the part of the user
  • Capture emotions of the user as they work with the product by direct real time observations and debriefing sessions following each test session
  • Include brain storming sessions with you to identify ways to make the application an integral part of the processes of your organization