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Stability Testing

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Will your system run for months on end without failures?

Systems that provide continuous service 24/7 for months or years must be tested to eliminate problems that grow over time until they explode in a failure.  Our stability testing is designed to time-stress a system.  We run your system under a representative load for an extended period of time to ferret out problems not easily found by functional testing.

Our experts instrument your test environment systems to detect within two to three days problems that typically would not surface for many days in production.  We create automated scripts to keep your test environment under load, and trigger significant events in a planned manner.  Our tests are developed with the knowledge of the environment your system will run in, and we analyze this information to design tests that exercise it in ways that may happen infrequently in production.

Our stability testing methodology uses:

  • Automated traffic generators that load the system under test continuously with a representative transaction mix
  • Continuous log-in, log-out drivers to accelerate detection of memory leaks or table overflow in less frequently used functions
  • Memory usage monitoring to detect memory leaks by plotting memory usage over an extended test
  • Accelerated date advancement to ensure day, week, month, and year boundaries are crossed

By the end of our stability tests we can be confident we have found:

  • Memory leak errors
  • Table overflow errors
  • Errors in end-of-period reports and housekeeping routines
  • Most “unusual combination of transactions” interaction errors