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Smart Cards

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Smart Cards provide Hardware Security Module (HSM) style security in a portable format.    A Smart Card is a portable, tamper resistant card that contains a computer chip and memory that erases its content if someone tries to extract its secrets.  We develop custom solutions on Smart Cards for you, working with Smart Card manufacturers to define requirements and design, qualify the resulting product, and certify it for FIPS compliance.

We implement applications using PKI COTS products in combination with the Smart Cards to ensure the ultimate in portable security.  Our PKI implementations provide encryption, digital signature, and non-repudiation to the latest standards using the smart card to protect your private key.  The actual operations are performed on the computer chip embedded in the smart card so the keys never have to be exposed outside the card.  Our applications use sophisticated access control to protect against the use of the secrets on the Smart Cards by unauthorized users.

We design and develop Smart Card solutions for you that:

  • Allow smart cards to be used on different machines by carrying the secrets that unlock access on the smart card itself
  • Enable a suitably authorized user to replicate the Smart card in a secure manner
  • Provide PKI security in a portable format

Our solutions:

  • Make use of all the capabilities of smart cards to provide a truly friendly user experience
  • Make security so easy to use that it does not become a burden to be bypassed
  • Are FIPS compliant