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Regression Testing

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Have you every moved a release into production, fixing a number of problems only to find that some function supposedly not touched is broken?

Even with modern Object Oriented development techniques, complex software can still have intricate dependencies.  We recognize you cannot think of every dependency in a large and complex software system.  So we advocate regression testing to confirm the new changes have not damaged any other functionality.

We make balanced recommendations regarding the amount of regression testing that is cost effective for your system, and apply our expertise in automating test cases to make the cost as low as possible. This allows the maximum amount of regression testing to be performed.  For systems having high availability requirements (and what system does not?), we use test automation tools that can execute regression suites unattended to make maximum use of the test bed outside normal working hours.

Our regression test suites feature:

  • Fully automated test execution
  • Test cases that capture results as part of the test execution
  • Test cases that capture diagnostic information in the event of failure

For our customers with the highest availability requirements, we:

  • Run the regression suite at every available opportunity when it does not impact other test activity starting at the beginning of the functional test phase
  • Add the functional test cases for this release to the regression suite before the final regression run
  • Run the complete regression suite after the last fix release has been deployed in the test environment