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Installation Testing

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Have you ever had an application work great in development, only to have multiple challenges with the installation when moved into production?

Highly available systems are at their highest risk of failure during, and immediately after, the installation of a new release. Uniplus has evolved a process for testing installations that deliver products that install smoothly into your environments, regardless of your operating system and other environmental software versions utilized.  Our installation testing assures your new software will be deployed quickly, consistently, and with minimal manual intervention.

We test fallback to the old release as thoroughly as the installation itself so that, should there be problems following the deployment, you can quickly return the system to a previous state with minimum interruption to service.

Our installation testing helps you deliver:

  • Fully automated scripted deployment into rigorously controlled environments
  • Time bounded installations into systems with stringent availability requirements
  • Products that migrate a user to the new version from a variety of previous versions with full data integrity

The key techniques that enable us to shine in this area include:

  • Careful attention to full restoration of the starting conditions when tests are repeated
  • Automation of test set-up which makes it possible to repeat tests cheaply after fixes are received and perform the tests for different varieties of customer environment
  • Regression testing after installation to prove successful installation
  • Full testing of uninstall or fallback to prove that it returns the system to its original state