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Hardware Security Modules

We can take your security to a higher lever with Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).

Hardware security modules (HSMs) store the private keys and secrets for your PKI encryption and signatures in a unit that resists tampering and erases all trace of the secrets should anyone attempt to open it.  HSMs provide the highest possible protection for these secrets in boxes that can support high throughput and multiple keys.  Uniplus has experience implementing applications using HSMs for high throughput and redundancy.

Our experience with HSMs goes back to the earliest days of HSM development.  We were involved in the design and development of one of the first HSMs ever deployed for our customer in the financial services industry.  We are experts in developing applications for which performance is a major requirement without compromising the security in any way.

We design and develop systems with:

  • Multiple HSMs for additional throughput
  • Redundant HSMs for resiliency over HSM failure
  • HSMs attached to multiple hosts on different continents for disaster recovery

Our solutions help protect you by:

  • Ensuring the private keys are never allowed out of the HSM in unencrypted form
  • Managing the transfer of private keys between HSMs without compromising secrecy
  • Logical analysis to prove the secrets are never exposed outside the HSM
  • Managing upgrades to the application, the operating system, COTS products, and the HSM software with compromising the secrecy of your private keys