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Documentation Testing

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Have you ever opened a reference document for an application, only to find the contents look nothing like the actual application?  At Uniplus, we believe even the most well-designed systems can fail to be adopted without great documentation.

When Uniplus tests documentation, we deliver documents that seriously reduce the load on your helpdesk.  By verifying the effectiveness of the document, both as a step-by-step instruction manual and a reference volume, we deliver you documents that are complete, accurate, and easy to follow.

Our proven methodology is based on checklists which cover every aspect of the documentation testing process.  We verify your documentation through a series of check boxes that cover the inputs, outputs, screen-shots, parameters, error messages, and purpose of each transaction.

Our careful documentation testing has resulted in:

  • A reduced numbers of calls to our client’s helpdesk
  • Higher satisfaction scores on user surveys
  • Increased market share for our client

Our methodology requires our testers to:

  • Check off each item for every transaction
  • Assess each sentence for complexity metrics
  • Compare the screen shots with the actual screens
  • Verify the text and explanation for each error message
  • Verify the completeness of indexes and hyperlinks