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Defect Management

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It’s easy to forget something when you have a lot on your mind, especially when it comes to large and complex software products.  The need to follow well-constructed processes is critical to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

One area that can easily be overlooked is defect management.  We have rigorous methodologies and review processes for the requirements and design phases of your applications to make sure that every last requirement is documented and tracked.  Uniplus applies the same care to documenting and tracking the defects found during testing.

Our defect tracking is not limited to defects found during testing, but is used for tracking issues found during requirements, design and code reviews, as well as defects reported against the live production version.  We make sure that defects are fully and intelligibly documented and identified with the version in which it was found.  We record the decisions made regarding when and if the defects will be fixed and link each defect to the release of the software that will incorporate the fix.

Our defect tracking enables you to:

  • Immediately identify the outstanding defects against your product, broken down by status, severity, cost, priority, and software module
  • List the defects that will be fixed in any release
  • Make well-reasoned decisions about when and whether to fix a defect

Our processes guarantee that:

  • Defects are clearly described
  • No defects get lost
  • Defects are assigned appropriate severity and processed with appropriate priority