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Decision Management

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Your managers make thousands of decisions a year, applying knowledge of your business objectives to the details of managing their areas of responsibility.  We help you make consistent decisions relating to software development.

We document proposed changes to your software as change requests.  These identify the change proposed, its costs, and benefits.  We manage the process of presenting the proposed changes to your appropriate managers at a Change Control Board meeting.  We keep track of the planned releases, and facilitate the decisions regarding which release a change should be delivered in and the scheduling of the releases.  We record the decisions and inform the parties responsible for delivering the work.

We present proposed changes in a logical order and grouping so your managers can focus on related items in an efficient manner, make quick and business aligned decisions, and not have to worry about recording and assigning the work that results.  We arrange the material for each change in a consistent manner, making evaluation of each change a routine exercise.

Key elements of our service to you include a:

  • Centralized tool where information about changes are kept
  • Consistent format of data presented to management
  • Formal recording of decisions

Our process delivers large numbers of decisions that are aligned with the business objectives of your organization, quickly and efficiently.