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Compatibility Testing

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Will your system work with a variety of other products, possibly on different versions?

We can mitigate risk and spread workload by deploying your new or upgraded software over a period of time, and understand this requires systems that interface with each other be tested in combination with different versions.  Our approach analyzes the multiple versions of the supporting applications on your hosts, and ensures that any new or upgraded application being deployed is compatible with all necessary versions, including previous, current, and soon to be upgraded versions.

Uniplus works with you to devise a cost effective strategy for managing the risk, deployment workload, and testing effort to deliver a controlled and seamless migration to new versions of your software.  We plan, up front, the combinations of software versions you want to support and create an automated testing environment that can repeat tests efficiently and quickly.

Our compatibility planning takes into account the:

  • Number of hosts running your products
  • Various versions of other products your new or upgraded application interfaces with, such as: Operation system, COTS products, internal proprietary products, and outside organization’s proprietary products
  • Risk mitigation strategy – we deploy on a small subset of hosts first and let them run for a controlled timeframe before proceeding with general deployment, similar to a beta test

Once the supported combinations are agreed, we plan the compatibility testing of your product.  We:

  • Build automation scripts and drivers to reduce costs
  • Design and build the test environment, i.e. number of hosts and network, for the most cost effective completion of testing

Plan 24/7 unattended execution and failure data capture