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Has your organization spent extensive amounts of money, time, and effort for development only to realize the end result and features do not meet what you need?

Uniplus understands this challenge.

Our team utilizes years of experience in Agile methodologies to develop highly reliable applications for your organization. We break requirements down in to small activity packages. These requirement packages, typically completed in 2-3 week sprints, have been developed and tested to produce the final product for integration into a live working environment.

This allows you to have access to independent functional features of an application.  This rapid development allows utilization of a product in an extremely short timeframe versus traditional programming, and reduces the development cost by substantially increasing the success rate for application development from initial concept to deployment.

Through our proven experience using Agile methodologies, we have:

  • Successfully completed many applications for our customers, on-time and on-budget.
  • Streamlined the development process, allowing for multiple releases throughout the software life cycle, resulting in quicker deployment of application features for customer use.

Our Agile methods help your projects by:

  • Releasing development projects in smaller segments.
  • Identifying challenges within a project while there is still an opportunity to correct them.
  • Reducing the size of the project team and optimizing the project’s budget.
  • Reducing the project’s risk and increased the control of the project’s scope.