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Quality Assurance & IVV

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Delivering Processes that Align with Business Objectives

Uniplus Consultants, Inc. has demonstrated capabilities covering all parts of the Quality Assurance triangle – Processes, Controls, and Verification.

Quality Assurance

Our proven process re-engineering methodology is founded on the belief that the people performing the work know the processes best.  Through stakeholder interviews, we incorporate knowledge and experience gathered from our client partners to deliver processes that efficiently achieve the business objectives.  We deliver fully documented processes with controls that measure compliance and effectiveness, ensuring substantial efficiency improvements for our customers.

We are skilled in requirements and design reviews, code walk-throughs, and all types of system testing.  Our quality control experts understand that what happens before testing begins is as important to delivering quality software as the actual testing.  We have successfully built testing labs and are experienced in managing test environments.

1.  Independent Verification & Validation

Our verification specialists have demonstrated the value of real time auditing of deliverables defined by processes. We have successfully used requirements mapping to prove the completeness of implementations.

We continually apply knowledge gained from industry best practices to the specific working environments, and are experienced in conducting effective post project reviews and continuous    process improvement.


2.  Testing

      • Performance testing
      • Usability testing
      • Functional testing
      • Documentation testing
      • Regression testing
      • Stability testing
      • Installation testing
      • Compatibility testing