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Change & Configuration Management

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Prioritizing Solutions that Impact the Business Most

Uniplus Consultants, Inc. has developed, documented, and deployed Configuration and Change Management systems for large commercial and government organizations.  Our roll-out service    includes communication and training to ensure ownership and accountability are thoroughly understood and adopted throughout the organization.

Our configuration and change management processes and systems have ensured for our customers:

  • All change requests are recorded in a central repository
  • The most important problem fixes and enhancements for meeting business objectives are addressed first and with appropriate priority
  • Old defects are never re-introduced when new releases are deployed
  • No trap doors or Trojan horses are introduced into production code
  • Only qualified software is deployed in production
  • Each version of a configuration item is linked to the change requests that are solved in it
  • Fulfillment of CMMi and ISO 9000 requirements, which recognize configuration and change management processes as among the most important for achieving software quality.

Our CM Administrators, Architects, and Build Masters are skilled in usage of CM tools ClearCase, PVCS, SCSS, Dimensions, ClearQuest, and Requisite Pro to perform the following:

  • Services from design/implementation to tool upgrade/automation
  • Implementations to IEEE, SEI-CMMi, and RUP specifications