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Welcome to the Uniplus Career Center! You are about to land in a challenging World!

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Uniplus is a fast growing company with world-class capabilities, combined with small company agility. At Uniplus, we believe that a combination of expertise, diversity, and customer focused talent is what sets us apart. We value our talent and work together to offer a healthy environment where we grow together to face different challenges.

We are market-driven company with an organizational structure that reflects the needs of our customer base. We currently operate via five core sectors: Software Development, Configuration and Change Management, Quality Assurance/IV&V, IT Security, and Staff Augmentation. The aim is always the same: To help our clients stay ahead of technology needs to achieve business success. We accomplish this by constantly living our philosophy, based on the principle of business alignment to provide solutions that support and meet the business objectives of our clients. We are always interested in acquiring talented individuals who can share our vision.

Working at Uniplus:

We won’t tell you that Uniplus is a great place to work. Instead, we like to share some of our core values that serve as a compass for our actions, and how we behave in the world. Sharing our core values is something we look for in new recruits. If these values strike a chord, then you have landed in the right place!

Live our Values!

  • We Create value: for our client and help them achieve their business goals.
  • Integrity: We are aligned with the needs and values of our clients.
  • Diversity: We hire the best talent from different background to have a fresh perspective.
  • Collaboration and Team work: We believe that leveraging Genius is the key.
  • Respect: We live and work in the areas we serve and have a deep respect for our stakeholders and the community.

We make our workplace a safe and enjoyable environment where our employees have the freedom of expression and action over daily responsibilities. We encourage innovation of new ideas to help our clients achieve their IT needs. We believe that team work is the key to leveraging ideas and skills to achieve process excellence.

If this sounds right for you, then you might be right for us.


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